Blogger’s Self-Challenge: Pre-Ramadan Spirituality (Cardio) Work-Out Plan

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Are you upset with your level of ‘Ibadah nowadays? I know I am. Extremely.

With Ramadan almost here, we have to make sure we’re eligible for such a great opportunity. Besides, who knows we may not be alive until next Ramadan and so we can intend to reach it with a high level of Spirituality to be able to sprint in that 29/30-day marathon and ultimately receive reward for our intentions even if we don’t make it to Ramadan.

May Allah SWT provide us and our families to live until then and reap full benefit of Ramadan.Ameen.

I thought I’d come up with goals for every month for myself (and for everyone who wishes to follow along) just to work on my heart. With this public announcement of challenging myself, I know this is the best way to make myself accountable. Join me in this!

February Goal:  Work on Salah and humble my limbs/heart in His Presence

  • do Wudhu perfectly with the niyyah for its rewards mentioned in several ahadith
  • get rid of distractions (external and internal) before Salah
  • increase in Khushoo’ by realizing His Greatness (educate myself about Allah SWT)
  • learn new adhkaar for Salah to maintain enthusiasm
  • learn new Prophetic duaas for Sajda
  • work on Quraan memorization
  • take care of physical health (sleep/food) to have energy for excellent level of ‘Ibadah
  • hold onto proper daily Istighfaar
  • thank Allah SWT in diff. ways
  • increase in units (nawafil) and make up the deficiency in my FarD salah that I am guilty of in the past
  • aim to make it coolness of eyes like Rasulalah salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam and appreciate this gift of Allah SWT

Are you up for the challenge inshaa’Allah?


Zayd b. Wahb reports:

 We were once sitting in the masjid with Hudhayfah (ibn Al-Yamân) – Allah be pleased with him, when a man entered from the gates of Kindah and stood to pray; but he did not complete the bowing or prostration postures. When he had finished praying, Hudhayfah asked him, “How long have you been praying in this manner?” The man replied, “For forty years.” Hudhayfah said, “You have not prayed for forty years! And if you were to die praying in this manner you would die upon a way (fitrah) other than the way of Muhammad – Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.

[Al-Bukhârî, Al-Sahîh, The Book of Adhân, without the mention of 40 years. A version in Al-Nasâ`î, Chapter on the Deficient Prayer, mentions the question and reply about 40 years. Shaykh Al-Albânî graded its chain of transmission sahîh in Sahîh Sunan Al-Nasâ`î no. 1311.]

Source: Sayings of the Salaf

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