Who’s riding who?



Ask yourself: Are you riding the technological wave Or is technology having a nice ride on your back? Are you controlling your life or is the virtual world overtaking you at the expense of your relationships, spiritual & intellectual development and health? 

Remember: As nice as an “emoticon” might seem, it still doesn’t compare to a genuine real smile when you see your brother. As expedient & convenient an email is, it still doesn’t equalize angels praying for you when you visit your beloved brother or sister. As exciting as play stations maybe, they still don’t compare to a nice run in the fresh breeze!

A Muslim uses this dunya to his advantage to work for the akhirah. Use wisely, don’t get used. Stay balanced, Stay healthy. :)

-Tawfique Chowdury


2 thoughts on “Who’s riding who?

  1. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah ukhti

    Please let me know if you are teaching Quran Memorization along with tajweed ,online [wiziq/skype] inshaa Allaah

    If you dont, then please connect me with another Quran teacher -english speaking- from Saudi Arabia ,who will teach me inshaa Allah

    JazaakAllahu khayr & baarak Allaah feeki

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