Allah knows2

Sometimes, we want someone to deeply understand our wounds, our fears, and the pain we carry with us. Sometimes we want others to stop judging, stop talking, and stop assuming they know us. Sometimes, we want someone to just listen, just love, and show us how to let go. 

But most of the time, you’ll be waiting. Waiting for any of that to take place. 

You have to be there for you, understand and accept you, listen to you, stop judging you, and stop assuming that you even know the real you! Tests show you new faces all the time. 

What we all need, all the time, is to open our hearts up to Allah, open our hands in du’a, and move our breath to create words to tell Him, and to find comfort in knowing that He already knows. 

And then, we just have to submit.


One thought on “Sometimes…

  1. May Allah bless you for sharing this, it certainly has helped me in realizing to not lose heart in things and Allah is the One who can truly help us and He is the One who we should turn to FIRST.

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