Turn Away..


“So when he had turned away from them and from those whom they worshipped besides Allah, We gave him Ishaq and Ya’qub, and each one of them We made a Prophet.” [Maryam: 49]

This verse is in relevance to the struggle of Ibrahim (alayhissalam) when he pleaded with his father in regards to belief. This went to the extent that he said, ‘I will turn away from you all and whatever you worship besides God!’ but things didn’t really change. However, his personal situation began to change the moment he actually turned away from their falsehood. He turned away from a disbelieving family, so Allah gave him a new (and pious) family to include a line of Prophets. He turned away from a transgressing nation, and Allah made him a nation himself.

Sometimes our situations in life don’t really change to how we want them to. We sit and expect the Help of Allah to arrive, or we expect that blessing to come through, or we expect that test to be lifted, but none of that seems to happen because we are *still engrossed in the situation itself.* A lot of the time unfortunately, we are engrossed in a sinful circumstance with disobedience and a transgression of Divine Law. The moment you turn away from all that, is the moment you will begin to see the materialization of your hopes, dreams, and desires. That supplication you’ve long been making starts to happen in front of your eyes because you see, you have to let go in order to be given.

Our sins hold us back, brothers and sisters, and Allah has already told us that He will not change our situation until we change what is within ourselves. Until we get up and make some changes. Until we turn away from wrong, and turn towards right – that’s when things will start going right insha’Allah. May Allah make all your paths easy, ameen.

-Ramadan Reflections by Fajr Blog


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