Good Deeds during the Days of Tashreeq



The Prophet (sallAllahu ályhi wasallam) said concerning the days of Tashreeq: “They are days of eating, drinking and remembering Allaah.” Dhikr (remembering Allaah) is enjoined during the days of tashreeq in several ways:
1 – Remembering Allaah immediately after the prescribed prayers by reciting Takbeer. This is prescribed until the end of the days of Tashreeq according to the majority of scholars.

2 – Remembering Him by saying Bismillaah and Allaahu akbar when slaughtering the sacrificial animal. The time for slaughtering the hadiy and udhiyah lasts until the end of days of Tashreeq.

3 – Remembering Allaah when eating and drinking. It is prescribed when eating and drinking to say Bismillaah at the beginning, and to praise Him (say Al-hamdu Lillaah) at the end.

According to the hadeeth narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Allaah likes His slave when he eats something to praise Him for it, and when he drinks something to praise Him for it.” [Narrated by Muslim, 2734.]

4 – Remembering Allaah by saying Takbeer when stoning the Jamaraat on the days of Tashreeq. (This applies only to the pilgrims on Hajj.)

5 – Remembering Allaah in general.

It is mustahabb to make a lot of dhikr during the days of Tashreeq. ‘Umar used to recite Takbeer in Mina in his tent, and when the people heard him they recited Takbeer too and Mina echoed with the sound of their Takbeer. Allaah says:

“So when you have accomplished your Manaasik [rituals of Hajj], remember Allaah as you remember your forefathers or with a far more remembrance. But of mankind there are some who say: “Our Lord! Give us (Your Bounties) in this world!” and for such there will be no portion in the Hereafter.

“And of them there are some who say: “Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!”” [al-Baqarah 2:200-201]

Many of the pious predecessors regarded it as mustahabb to make a lot of du’aa’ during the days of tashreeq.

The words of the Prophet (sallAllaahu ályhi wasallam),
“These are days of eating, drinking and remembering Allaah” indicate that eating and drinking during the days of Eid are means that help one to remember Allaah and obey Him; perfect gratitude for the blessing means using it to help one obey and worship Allaah,

In His Book Allaah commands us to eat of good things and thank Him for them. So whoever uses Allaah’s blessings to commit sin is showing ingratitude for the blessing of Allaah, so he deserves to have it taken away from him.

الله أكبر الله أكبر ، الله أكبر لا إله إلا الله ، والله أكبر الله أكبر ولله الحمد
“Allaah is great, Allaah is great. None has the right to be worshipped except Him. And Allaah is great, Allaah is great. And to Him belongs all praise. ”


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