Who is Muhammad (peace be upon him)?



As he emphasized, he was just a man, but what a man he was… He was a humble worshipper of God in a time of idol worship. A public defender of the weak in a time when the elite ruled with abuse. A campaigner for women’s rights when women were being buried alive. A true revolutionist in a time when people blindly followed a corrupt system. He was a man of his time who changed the course of history and brought real peace to hearts and minds.

He was the last of Prophets in a legendary line of Prophets. He was a leader with integrity, humility, skill, patience, and more good qualities than you and I can list. Before he made a decision which would affect others, he would consult them fully like a man who loved his people. In turn, his people walked with him, marched with him, fought with him, ate with him, prayed with him, and after his death, continue to send their prayers upon him. He taught the love and respect of God to people who did not know how to love or respect God – and he prayed for these people until their hearts softened and turned to piety; hearts which were otherwise too hard or too heavy to even turn.

Trees bowed for him, clouds shaded him, stones saluted him, Angels protected him, and God raised him. He was the Chosen one who declared his allegiance with Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and all the Prophets of God. If you were to speak to him, he would give you all his attention, and were he to speak to you, you’d feel like he loved you more than anyone else. He looked out for the orphans and protected their wealth, he looked out for the women and commanded that they be respected, he looked out for you and I although we did not yet exist. He told the people to get up and live with dignity, commanded them to take hold of their lives and lead it with goodness, passion, and sincerity, and he led the world away from tyranny and oppression, to real justice, tolerance, and honour.

He was Muhammad, the beloved of God, the beloved of the people. Sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam.

— Fajr Blog

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