Assalamu ‘Alaikum! 

Welcome to my blog – A collection of my thoughts, reflections, my favorite quotes, articles, du’as, videos and much much more! Feel free to share the khair! 

May Allah keep us steadfast on His straight path, and may He help us & make it easy  for us to strive for His Pleasure and His Paradise. Ameen.

~Mariam Anwer

14 thoughts on “About

    • Assalamu alaikum Sister, you will receive all my posts directly in your inbox if you follow my blog. Kindly click on the “follow” icon that you can find on the top left side of the screen. Jazaki Allahu Khairan! :)

  1. Assalaamualikum Mariam!!!
    I’ve been thinking of starting a blog since over a month now and havnt started at all… i have some sort of skill at writing, but it needs to be polished — Just got to know about your blog right now – read the ‘two important signs email and mashAllah loved it! MashAllah you are racing ahead as the Quran says to race for good deeds :)
    May Allah accept from you and increase your pace even more , ameen! ameen!
    If you find some spare time, please give me some tips on how I can start to create my blog? After some research last month I had chosen wordpress too – but it never went ahead after that…maybe if u can outline the first few steps in order, so I have a checklist to work through.
    Jazakailllahu khairan :)

    • Wa Alaikum Assalam Aisha,
      Jazakillah khair for your kind and encouraging words. May Allah accept from all of us.
      I started posting here like I post on Facebook…with an intention to keep my writings and other favorite stuff saved and easily accessible. Just say Bismillah and start your blog…you will learn automatically! Always here to help. All the best! BarakAllahu feeki! :)

  2. Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Sis!

    How are you? May you be in a healthy state insha’Allah. I am Atiqah and I have been an avid follower of your blog entries! There have been so many sharings that benefit me physically and spiritually. I always look forward to receiving your entries. You have empowered me to be a better muslimah with visions and for this reason I am emailing you, in hopes you would consider a proposal from School of Deen.

    The School of Deen is brand new and fresh online islamic education portal, where Islamic courses are uploaded, and made available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The School of Deen was launched in Perth, Western Australia during the course – The Sacred Formula conducted by Shaykh Yahya Adel Ibrahim https://www.facebook.com/yahya.adel.ibrahim?fref=ts You may wish to view our official website at http://www.schoolofdeen.com or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/schoolofdeen?fref=ts

    We have created this platform in hopes of collating different materials to spread our motto – Spread the Love, Spread the Deen! Our aim is to feature and collaborate with different organizations and engage personal instructors who are able to contribute for the sake of Allah s.w.t. We aim to make the School of Deen an online site for individuals to obtain access to knowledge of the deen.

    With that, we would like to invite you as “The quest for paradise”, to be featured on the School of Deen as one of our affiliate blog writers. Just like you, we are knowledge seekers who strive to improve ourselves to be good Muslims. We feel connected to you after following you from social media. We are confident that your writing and input will be able to create impact to a wide range of people from different parts of the world.

    Our aim is to have blog posts delivered to all our students by email everyday, by featuring different articles, and different writers day by day. We have a database of students from around the globe and we are confident they will all benefit much from your writings.

    We really hope that you will take our proposal into consideration and together we can strive to spread knowledge of the deen as much and far as we can.

    May Allah bless you always.


    P: +614 5138 1564
    E: admin@schoolofdeen.com
    Bentley | Perth | 6102 | Australia

    • Wa Alaikum Assaam wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

      I am sorry for the delayed response. Just came back after a very long trip.

      Jazaki Allahu Khairan for your appreciation and encouragement. I would love to help out. Please go ahead and share my blog. May Allah accept from us and you. Aameen.

  3. Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah ..
    mashAllah Mariam i was very surprised and pleased to see your blog
    I didn’t know how good you are in writing may Allah accept your work ( ويجعلها في حسناتك )
    and every thing in your life become more easier inshaallah and with you we will got the people to know how great and lovable is our religion.
    Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to Read all the forums but I will read it all inshaallah.

    keep up the good word <3

    خدا به کرے مریم، آپ کی زندگی اور خوشی، تیار خدا بناتا ہے میں آپ کو اپنی زندگی میں تمام بہترین کی خواہش اور اپنے امور کی سہولت فراہم کی،

    I forgot how to write in Urdu hope my writing is correct .. :p

    • Wa Alaikum Assalam my dear Marwa! So pleased to read your comment. Jazakillah khair for your kind words and Aameen to your lovely dua! Apki Urdu bohat achi hai! Good work! ;) <3

  4. Assalaamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. Itz really a pleasure to come across ur blog becoz ur articles r really helpful,informative n inspiring. ALLAH bless u.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum Mariam!

    I am curious, where are you from and where do you live? I coudn’t figure that out from your profile picture.

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