He Knows what is best for you

Al Aleem

The story of Musa (alayhissalam) and Khidr holds so many profound lessons. Even Musa (alahissalam), a prophet of Allah, the one who spoke to Allah, struggled to stop himself questioning the actions of someone who was more knowledgeable than him. Just like us, he was human.

Yet, how many of us do this with Allah? The one who has the greatest knowledge of everything, both seen and unseen. The one who knows what thoughts we are harboring in our minds right now. Just like Musa (alayhissalam) lost patience with Khidr, we sometimes lose patience with Allah and begin to question His plan and decree, forgetting that He knows exactly what He is doing, as He is Al-‘Aleem, the Knower everything, the Knower of every creature, even of the little ant that scurries under a rock in the darkness of the night.

Instead of questioning the plan of Allah, have patience and watch his decree for you unfold, for He knows what is best for you.

And to Allah belongs the greatest of examples.

-Shaikh Sajid Umar

Designed for a Specific Reason

The fire didn’t burn Ibraheem, the knife didn’t slaughter Isma’eel, the sea didn’t drown Moosa, the whale didn’t eat Yunus and Zakariyya didn’t die childless (Peace be upon them all).
BELIEVE when your Lord says in the Qur’an:

Tawbah 51

“Say: “Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us. He is our Maulâ (Lord, Helper and Protector).” And in Allâh let the believers put their trust.” [At Tawbah 9:51]

Just as Allah has meticulously designed everything in the universe at a perfect standard whether it is as big as a galaxy or as tiny as a quark or a string in an atom, He has also designed everything that happens in your life for a specific reason. It is a perfect universe; nothing takes place randomly! Trust in Allah! (Quote by Moutasem Al Hameedy)

May Allah make us pleased with His Decree and guide our hearts to eeman, tawakkal, sabr and shukr. Aameen.



“How can you ask me to smile with all these atrocities around us?” he asked.

This is a fair and just question. However, your frown will not solve the problems and it will not change a thing!

50,000 years before creating the universe, Allah had everything happening until the Day of Judgment written down. Once you believe in this and act upon it, you will find a different taste to live. Accepting that everything taking place was preordained and that you are held accountable for your choices makes life different to what we know.

This doesn’t mean that one wouldn’t be sad or angry for his brothers and sisters. We must do our best to relieve them from their troubles but at the same time, be positive and smile in the face of others. A smile is a charity and costs you nothing but it helps you and others go through tough times, providing of course they are not of the opposite sex! Your best smile should be directed to your parents, spouse and children.

May Allah make your days  happy ones.

-Shaikh Assim Al Hakeem