I live & die for You, O Allah!

So I live for Allah. I die for Allah. I complain to Allah and I cry to Allah,          because while the creation can comfort me,                                                              Only Allah can heal me, guide me, and save me! :’)

Are you Ready?

If you died right now, at this moment; would you be ready for the grave and then judgement? Are you content and pleased with your Islam, Qur’an recitation, manners, hijab and deeds?

I’m not!  May Allah make us better and more serious about being better!

The real question is what are we going to do to improve? Reading this and feeling bad is not the way to fix it. We have to take some serious steps!
May Allah make it as easy for us to read His Book, read, memorize, practice and act on it as it is for us to be on the internet! Ameen!

-Holly Garza-