Do you want to respond to the insults?


~Dr. Bilal Philips said: “It is not strange for a civilization which holds nothing sacred (besides the Holocaust) to make fun of the Prophet of Islam – may God’s peace and blessings be upon him.
The buttons are once again being pushed and Muslims’ feelings are hurt. Consequently, some are angrily lashing out and harming innocent people in their ignorance. However, this is only further distorts the image of Islam which was the intention of those who made that evil film. Let us, instead, follow the prophetic way, and convey the message of Islam positively and with greater vigor, while patiently bearing the harm of our enemies.”

~Assim Alhakeem said: No matter what they say or do, the name of our Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) will always be exalted. Whether they make cartoons or films depicting him in a negative way, his name will still be mentioned 5 times a day (in adhan) all over the world. What has happened in Libya and what is happening in Egypt and elsewhere do not serve Islam and it is unislamic. These protests and hooliganism serve the enemy of Islam. They will never stop making fun of our religion and our religion will excel despite their efforts.

•►Let us abide by our Quran and Sunnah and this is what hurts them most.