“Be grateful no matter what the calamities are. Remember, miracles can happen in seconds, only when Allah wills it. It can happen today, maybe tomorrow and maybe it will happen some other day. Allah says: give the glad tidings to the patients. So, be among the patient and help is just round the corner!” 

–Shaikh Assim AlHakeem


A Beautiful Reminder

bashir as sabireen


“Let days go forth and do as they please,
And remain firm when settled is the Decree.”

– Imam al-Shafi’i

A beautiful reminder for the faithful. These days of ours that sometimes overturn and leave our control are some of the greatest reminders we have of Allah `azza wa jall. Throughout these ever-changing moments and these days which are given to men in turns, a person experiences the Promises of Allah which are destined for the patient. “We shall test you…” the verse said. Before ending with a great promise: “… And give glad-tidings to the patient.” 

As we bear patience over these days of hardship, we will always come to live out these promises of al-Rahman. Don’t you see how despite the turbulence, Allah descends a calm peace and tranquility to your heart and takes it into safety, covering it with His Mercy? The one by one, His promises will come to be, like gems and shells along the seashore which you collect during your journey.

Days will turn just as they did before and soon glad-tidings are placed and embroidered  into your life; ever so beautifully. It’s bitter, it’s tough, it’s testing. But it’s worth it in the end. So let days go forth, and let them take you through the valleys and the desert, through land and sea… but let your nature remain calm; always kind and always patient.

~Fajr Blog

Worshiping Allah on an Edge?

Beware & Be careful! And DO NOT be of the ones who are happy in worshiping Allah as long as He showers them with blessings & bounties and turn depressed, doubtful & frustrated as soon as Allah tests them with trials and problems.
Know dear Believer, this life is a test and you will be tested both with times of ease as well as difficulty. You will only be successful & at peace if you accept the decree of Allah and remain strong, patient and submissive to Allah at all times!

May Allah guide us and bless us with strong eeman at all times! Aameen!

~Mariam Anwer