Let Him take care of you..


“Do they not see the birds held in suspension in the midst of the sky? No-one holds them but Allah. Verily, in this are clear proofs and signs for people who believe.” [al-Nahl: 79]

I love the image portrayed in this verse; an image of birds floating and soaring through the sky, and then Allah gives us His Lesson: that none holds them up except Him. He is the One Who gives all of us our abilities in life, and He is the Sole Being who ‘holds us up’. Have you ever had those moments when you think a situation will no doubt crush you, only for you to make it through? Have you ever doubted your abilities only to find that somehow you triumph? Have you ever been so low and down, but in the end, Allah held you up?

The birds are an interesting example in the verse above. They are from the Signs of Allah which He has put in place for us to take lessons from. Just as He keeps them soaring above the ground, likewise He will keep you afloat of the troubles of this world. So let Him take care of you, and let go of those worldly things if they are anchoring you down. These are indeed Signs for those whose faith helps them see with basirah (insight).

-Ramadan Reflections by Fajr Blog