Seeking the reward of Allah while nursing


Amr ibn abdullah told his wife who was nursing his son:

“Do not let your nursing of your son be as the livestock nurse their offspring; done instinctively out of mercy for its young, rather nurse him seeking the reward of Allah, hoping that through your nursing shall live a creation, who believes in the Oneness of  Allah, and worships Him.” 

–Abu Amr Al Awzai

(Naseehat al Mulook by Al Maawardi, Page 166)

Gaza – Heartbeat of the Ummah

If the Ummah had a heartbeat I would say it is in Gaza where the most beautiful, humble and courageous human beings leave me humbled and in awe by the strength of their faith. The whole world now knows this tiny little place on earth suffers hardships beyond imagination and yet these people are exemplary Muslims. Whenever I go to Gaza I feel spiritually re-born.

-Yvonne Ridley-